Here's a photo essay of Hallie and My bathroom remodel.

Day One (Saturday Sept 28, 2002):

Day Two (Sunday Sept 29, 2002):

Day two began with taking the contents of our old bathroom to the dump. We then came home and evaluated what parts were needed to rebuild the plumbing and electrical components. Hallie and I then went to Lowes and purchased the needed parts. I then came home and replaced all the plumbing. The hardest part of that was the delta shower faucet.

Day Three (Monday Sept 30, 2002):

Day three consisted of replacing all the existing wiring. I installed two recessed lights over the tub, a new exhaust fan, two new GFI outlets, wiring for the vanity lights, and a new switchbox and switches.

Day Four (Tuesday Oct 1, 2002):

Day four consisted of installing the tub. Hallie and I installed this together. It's an American Standard americast tube which is fairly substantial for a composite tub.

Day Five (Wednesday Oct 2, 2002):

After installing the tub, I was trying to figure out how to deal with the lip that secures the tube to the wall. This lip sticks out about a quarter of an inch on two sides and about a half of an inch on the third side. The greenboard (water resistant drywall) has to go over this lip, and I just couldn't see a way that wouldn't look bad to do it without building up the walls around the tub. The previous bathroom had the same problem and the builder just bent the drywall out to meet the tub and it looked pretty bad. So with a little advise from some friends at work, I decided to put up two layers of drywall. The first layer will be three eights thick and take care of the shimming. The second layer will be the actual outer layer which gets mudded, tiled and painted.

This days activity was to get the first layer of drywall in place. This layer doesn't have to be perfect, as it's really only a shim. I did a reasonably good job of putting it up. I applied this thin drywall to three sides of the bathroom, which are the walls that the tub lip touches. Some pictures of this day's activities are shown below.

Day Six (Thursday Oct 3, 2002):

Sat on my butt and watched TV like a slug.

Day Seven (Friday Oct 4, 2002):

Hallie and I purchased our Sheet-rock, drove it home and carried it into the hallway. Then we took the rest of the evening off.

Day Eight (Saturday Oct 5, 2002):

Today I hung all the sheetrock. I was going to do the first coat of mud, but hanging all the sheetrock is a really big job and I am too tired to do any more. Here's some pictures of the sheetrocking process.

Day Nine (Sunday Oct 6, 2002):

Today I mudded the drywall. This also took a lot longer than I anticipated. Here are some pictures of my work.

Day Ten (Monday Oct 7, 2002):

Today I mudded the drywall again. This is the second coat and the walls are looking a lot better.

Day Eleven (Tuesday Oct 8, 2002):

Today I sanded the drywall. Man, what a pain in the butt! It was a messy exhausting task. The bathroom is looking pretty sweet. I also touched up the mud a touch.

Day Twelve (Wednesday Oct 9, 2002):

I took the evening off.

Day Thirteen (Thursday Oct 10, 2002):

Tonight Keith and I textured the drywall. I bought a drywall texturing gun which looks like a paint gun with a big plastic funnel stuck to the top. We masked off the windows, doors, switches, tube, etc, and sprayed. The media is joint compound watered down to the consistancy of cake batter.

Day Fourteen (Friday Oct 11, 2002):

I cleaned up the bathroom and got ready for tiling.

Day Fifteen (Saturday Oct 12, 2002):

Today I tiled the shower. It came out pretty good. If I could do it again, it would be a whole lot better. Hallie also painted the room with a coat of primer. Here's some pictures of it:

Day Sixteen (Sunday Oct 13, 2002):

Today Hallie and I grouted the bathtub, and Hallie painted the bathroom. We also put up the light fixtures over the tub and the grille on the vent. Here's a few pictures.

Day Seventeen Through Day Twenty Three (Monday Oct 14, 2002 - Sunday Oct 20, 2002):

I was on vacation during this time period and Hallie repainted the bathroom because it needed a second coat. She also sprayed the grout as it cured.

Day Twenty Four (Monday Oct 21, 2002):

Today I sealed the grout, and caulked the tub. I also installed the tub fixtures. So the tub is a shower curtain away from being fully functional. After that, I installed the vanity and sink basin. I caulked all around the sink basin. I then hooked up the faucets and drain. I also installed the medicine cabinet. Pictures of todays festivities are shown below:

Day Twenty Five (Tuesday Oct 22, 2002):

Tonight I tiled the floor. Big tiles in a little room are brutal. Here's some pictures:

Day Twenty Six (Wednesday Oct 23, 2002):

I grouted the floor tonight. Textured tile loves to hide grout in it's nooks and crannies. It was a pain to get clean. The vanity lights are 25 watt bulbs and they put off very yellow light, so the entire bathroom looks a lot more yellow than it really is. I'll be replacing them with 60 watt bulbs soon. Here are some pictures:

Day Twenty Seven (Thursday Oct 24, 2002):

Today I installed the toilet and the cabinet above it. Pictures are shown below:

Day Twenty Eight (Friday Oct 25, 2002):

I bought the lumber for the trim and window sill.

Day Twenty Nine (Saturday Oct 26, 2002):

I didn't touch the bathroom today.

Day Thirty (Sunday Oct 27, 2002):

I polyeurathaned and installed the trim and window sill today. This completes the bathroom. We still have a touch of paint touch-up and hang the towel racks and toilet paper holder when it arrives in the mail. Pictures are shown below: