Lucy, my 2001 LS (6-speed) after a fresh coat of Zaino Z-2

My OTM, a 1992 Toyota 2WD Long Bed Pickup with 193,000 miles and a fresh coat of Z-5 and Z-6

Me applying a little Z-6 to a needy car.

Replacement front sway bar bushings

Energy Suspension Eurathane bushings, part number: 9-5108

Parts used for fog light mod

The relay for the fog lights in the 2001 car is under the dash on the drivers side. The right picture shows the locatation.

Brain Storm Small Gauge Trim Rings.

Brain Storm Products sells three cast trim rings for the smaller gauges in the 2001 Miata. This is a subset of their trim ring kit and is about 1/3 the price of the whole kit. I polished the rings with Simichrome polish, and installed them with very small dabs of contact cement.

Racing Beat Performance Add-Ons.

Racing Beat sells nicely engineered and constructed performance add ons for the Miata and RX-7. The photos above are their ceramic header and high-flow intake for the 2001 Miata.