The essentials for speaker building

This page is about life after the Quad ESL's or the "Life in the Mojave" of using something other than the Quads. The Quad ESL's are an amazing speaker, truly a wonder in an era when loudspeaker design was driven by a lot of educated guesses. It has an naturalness and transparency to vocals which can be an epiphany the first time one gets to hear it. But the Quads are by no means a perfect speaker. They are severely limited in dynamic range, and while they have impressive bass for an ESL, are by no means a full range speaker. On top of their limitations, they are now getting very expensive to purchase. These pages are about my attempts to build speakers which will either better the Quad ESL's or to do things differently such that listening situations or placement constraints that are a problem for the Quads will not be for these designs. However these designs all must face and be compared to the Quads which are my reference. As the designs on these pages increase, they will all be compared to the Quads, and the flaws and achievements of each speaker will be discussed mercilessly.