Shown here on these pages is a small list of audio components which I believe are excellent units and continue to offer good value and great sound. This list is by no means all-inclusive, but rather represents gear which I've been fortunate enough to own, or have designed myself. Shown here is all the information I have on file for each piece of equipment. In many cases, I've designed replacement circuit boards for the power supplies. These replace the old, dried up, and nearly impossible to get quad can caps. In addition to providing new fresh capacitors for the power supply, these boards allow the use of modern higher performance capacitors to sonic improvements even over functional vintage power supplies.

Each and every circuit board shown on this page is available through me. The more popular Dyna circuit boards are also available though Triode Electronics. Most of the boards shown here have not been professionally made, but rather I'll be custom etching them for you on a one-off basis. The Dyna boards have been professionally made and I'll be passing this savings on to you. I also will entertain doing new designs if I have access to the component in question. Multiple boards receive discounts and can share a custom etching charge. My prices for blank (unpopulated) boards are as follows:

Blank Board Cost $20.00 ea
Custom Etching Charge (if not pre-made): $25.00

If you have any questions or would like to order a board, click on the order boards button at the bottom of each section and shown below here: